Pain | Not the Only Reason to See a Springfield Chiropractor

Pain Is The Just The Tip Of the Iceberg When the general public thinks of a chiropractor they generally think of neck pain, back pain, numbness and tingling. People have been sold the pain treatment model of chiropractic. While chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain that is not the objective. Correcting spinal misalignments is a [...]

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How Do I Get Help for Depression?

  Depression is a mental illness which leads to feelings of despair, hopelessness, and emptiness. It is among the most common mental disorders. Additionally, it is estimated that two from 100 kids and eight from 100 adolescents have melancholy. Depression can be painful for the ones that experience it. But there are lots of [...]

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Why An Upper Cervical Specialist?

Why An Upper Cervical Specialist? How do Upper Cervical Specialists differ from other Chiropractors? An upper cervical specialist is a chiropractor who specializes in the correction of spinal misalignments in the upper neck region. All chiropractors make spinal corrections in the neck, however, upper cervical specialist have a unique and precise way to analyze [...]

Natural Blood Pressure Treatment In Springfield

 Natural Blood Pressure Treatment Springfield There are over 70 million Americans who suffer from Hypertension in the United States. That is equivalent to 1 in 3 adults. Hypertension is linked to heart attack and stroke which both kill over 1 million Americans annually. Current hypertensive drugs are successful in lowering most people’s blood pressure. However, [...]

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Chronic Anxiety Disorders In Springfield – Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Chronic Anxiety Disorders in Springfield - Upper Cervical Care Can Help! When most people have a bout of anxiety the last thing they think about is their neck. Most people have been trained to run to the doctor and take anti-anxiety medications. For long-standing and chronic anxiety problems many people take long-term SSRI medication that [...]

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Fibromyalgia Patients Seeking Natural Treatment

  Fibromyalgia Patients Seeking Natural Treatment Fibromyalgia does not have a known cause, and because of this fact, medical doctors are limited in their ability to provide treatment options. One of the primary things a doctor will do for a fibromyalgia patient is provide medication to treat symptoms. The most commonly recommended medications help [...]

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Upper Cervical Spinal Misalignments Can Cause Chronic Sinusitis 

Why Are My Sinuses Always Swollen? Upper Cervical Chiropractic Springfield Upper Cervical Spinal Misalignments and Chronic Sinusitis Chronic sinusitis  has many causes. Those who suffer find that this common condition interferes with truly living life to its fullest.  Like most conditions, there is a spectrum to the intensity of the condition. Over 500,000 Americans get [...]

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Headache – Migraine Relief in Springfield

Upper Cervical Springfield - Relieving Headaches and Migraines through Precision Care Headaches and migraines are all too familiar in today’s fast-paced world. Few people have time to stop long enough to care for them. However, when they hit, they demand attention. Headache - Migraine relief can be difficult to find in the current system of [...]

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Doctor In Springfield

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia? Trigeminal Neuralgia is a severe pain syndrome that produces pain along the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve has three branches. These three branches control many different functions and locations of the face. Because of this, many who suffer feel electric pain in their cheek, teeth, and TMJ region. In some cases, [...]

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