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Treatment for vertigo in Springfield ILThat feeling of dizziness you just can’t ignore, once it starts who knows when it will go away. If you know what I am talking about you may suffer from the disorder known as Vertigo. You are not alone as 5-10% of the population suffers from the condition that affects the middle ear.1

The hallmark signs of Vertigo are dizziness, nausea, and ringing of the ear, more extreme cases may include vomiting and visual problems. There is much debate within the healthcare field as what the best treatment option is. The standard treatment involves drugs that are designed for other conditions and surgery in rare cases; both of these options have mixed results. Consoling patients on avoiding things that trigger the condition is important as well.

One researcher may have found a new link to what sets off Vertigo patients and it may be hard to avoid. By measuring the amount of vibrations put off by smart phones and tablets in a public area there is new data to help understand vertigo. Electronic devices put off enough ultrasonic vibrations to affect the ears of vertigo patients.2 In this day and age this is not a problem that will be going away and this may help doctors by helping those in need.


As a healthcare provider that helps many people suffering with Vertigo, I look at the issue different. The goal should not be to minimize what triggers vertigo, but rather to help patients overcome the condition by improving their overall health. One of the most important things to be examined in Vertigo patients is the spine, specifically the neck.

The first bone in the neck known as the Atlas bone, is often the culprit. The atlas is responsible for the position of the head and is very important for the neurology to the ears. If the atlas is out of its normal position it can cause vertigo symptoms. Clinical studies have shown that by correcting the Atlas misalignment it not only improves vertigo symptoms but even resolution in some cases.3


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