What can an adjustment do?

//What can an adjustment do?


These are our puppies, Ronin & Kumagin. Ronin (the one in the back on the left) allowed me to take a picture, as he’s often camera shy, and starts moving immediately when he realizes we have the camera out & on him! He’s up, and moving out of the cute situation, usually to come and say ‘Hi!’ to us directly! However, this weekend was different.

Our dogs are quite obviously better suited to the Illinois winters than to the summers, so it was no surprise that they would rather be inside with Jeanne & I in the A/C or in the basement on the cool concrete. They weren’t eating as much, but just like us, we didn’t have the higher appetite with this high heat. However, when Ronin didn’t want to eat at all, and was retching up some food, we were rightly concerned!!

We’ve lost one dog due to bloat, a condition when the dog’s stomach actually turns, and gets tangled up in itself! Its pretty scary, and as with losing any pet, can be pretty devastating. It was for us. Well, Ronin wasn’t eating, wouldn’t play with Kumagin, and his normal routine things weren’t happening. In fact, yesterday when it happened, I was really worried. I even tried to adjust him, which didn’t seem to help much, but I’ll admit readily that I don’t know animal adjusting (more on that later). We waited about an hour, and then ran him over to the afterhours clinic, and spent an hour with him while waiting for test results et al…the good news, no bloat, stomach was in the right position, watch and see what happens. And Ronin finally decided that he could go potty when we got home. But he was still sluggish, and not as responsive as we would have liked. I ended up sleeping with him downstairs last night, and even going to bed late, I woke at 5:30 to see how he was doing & made sure all was good. Still sluggish, still didn’t want to eat (Kumagin was more than eager to eat this morning!!) I was still concerned, but felt better about how he was doing. So it was time for me to get into the office.

This is where it gets really interesting. I get to the office, and I have a new patient coming in. She’s been an Upper Cervical patient for a while now, but her current Upper Cervical doctor wasn’t clearing her as well as she needed, so she came in to see me. Her husband who was doing well under the same doctor was with her, but was running other errands while in town. So I proceed to do my evaluation, take films, find the subluxation, get her adjusted, all the things I do with a new patient from out of town, only to find out her husband is a horse chiropractor! Did I mention I’m not too familiar with a dog’s anatomy, as I am a human’s? Knowing how our puppy was doing, I asked if he would be up to checking and adjusting Ronin, which he replied he would.

So we got the puppies in to the office, and boy did Ronin need adjusting. He’s been laying down a lot lately, and after his adjustment, he was getting up better on his hind legs. In fact, we saw an immediate vitality while he was getting adjusted, and once he got home, there more running around for him with Kumagin! I felt so much better about how he was doing after the adjustment. I knew he would do better, but even knowing what I know about how the body heals, I was excited and amazed by the outcome!!

Some say there placebo effects associated with Chiropractic. Maybe there are in some. But when an animal that arguably doesn’t know what a placebo is gets such immediate & almost miraculous results, you know there’s something to it. I’m pretty sure Ronin would tell you he’s better. Instead, he’ll just insist on cuddling with you and ask for belly rubs!!

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