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Natural treatment for migraine headaches in Springfield, IL​Migraines are quite common among the world’s population. In the USA, it is estimated that twenty-eight million people experience the pain of migraines at one point or another. Even those in the medical field suffer from migraines.

Interestingly, a study done recently establishes an estimate as to when people will begin seeing health problems as they grow older. Migraines can begin to be a problem as early as age 24, with back problems beginning at age 33, and gray hairs at age 39. However, while gray hair and back problems are common in older age, migraines should never even happen! Often they happen when the body is stressed. ​


Where to Go for Help

People suffering from migraines want relief. Traditional treatments do not always work. Many seem to be trending towards looking for natural, non-invasive treatment. Upper cervical chiropractors, like Dr. Fredrick Schurger of Springfield, Illinois, have seen success in treating migraine headaches. The focus of this type of chiropractic care is on a common underlying cause of migraines. Research has revealed that it can be linked to a misalignment in the atlas (C1) bone, the uppermost bone in the vertebrae.

If the atlas bone is not in the proper position, it can affect the function of the brain and nervous system. This creates a problem with blood flow and oxygen to the brain and impairs neurological function. All of these things create the perfect environment for a migraine to occur. Dr. Schurger has been specially trained to detect this misalignment and work to correct it through a specific treatment plan made for each individual person. Once the atlas bone is back in its proper position, the normal function of the nervous system is restored. Proper flow of blood and oxygen can begin, and healing can take place. Patients have seen relief in as little as one to two adjustments.

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