Migraines and Seizures—How Are They Related to the Neck?

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Migraines, seizures and Upper Cervical careMigraines and seizures occur when the brain is not functioning properly. A subluxation in the upper neck can cause the right circumstances in the brain for either condition to occur. The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research reported on this subject by means of a case study.

The study involved a 75-year-old female, who had been to a number of different doctors before meeting a neurologist who recognized the benefits of upper cervical care. He identified the cause of her issues as an upper cervical subluxation that was creating her present symptoms and had resulted from a concussion she experienced in the distant past.

The concussion had occurred over 10 years earlier. While problems arose not long after the concussion, they had escalated greatly. The concussion had occurred as a result of a fall in which the patient had struck the back of her head on the floor. Though hospitalized and subjected to an MRI and a CAT scan, she was later released. Her symptoms included:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Lazy left eye
  • Low energy
  • Migraines
  • Seizures

When she wore herself out with activity or leaned her head too far forward, that is when the seizures set in. Seizures included a painful migraine and loss of speech.

Seeing the Upper Cervical Chiropractor

X-rays were taken, and her posture was evaluated. An atlas subluxation was diagnosed. The first adjustment immediately improved the range of motion in her neck and her ability to balance herself while walking. She also felt like she had more energy.

At each upper cervical visit, the neck was evaluated to ensure the adjustment was holding. Walking ability continued to improve. In fact, she could even balance herself while standing on just one foot. Her vision improved and the lazy eye was gradually corrected. She no longer had seizures or migraines.

The article concluded that the subluxation was altering blood flow, and once this was restored the symptoms were mitigated.

If you are experiencing a neurological condition, seek an evaluation from an upper cervical chiropractor to learn if a subluxation could be the cause of your symptoms.

Seizure, Ataxia, Fatigue, Strabismus and Migraine Resolved by Precise Realignment of the First Cervical Vertebra: A Case Report Roy Sweat DC, BCAO & Tyson Pottenger DC
Journal of upper cervical chiropractic research March 12, 2012

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