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//Does Whiplash Cause Meniere’s Disease? | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Springfield Illinois -Bloomington



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Meniere’s Disease Doctor In Springfield Illinois

Meniere’s Disease is like most chronic health problems-there aren’t many answers in the main stream medicine cabinet.  Most people who have chronic health problems find that the current medical system has little they can do to help you heal. Meniere’s Disease is no different. Most who suffer are shuffled from one provider to another.  Test after test reveals little to nothing.  Oftentimes antivert, meclizine or some other anti vertigo medicine is prescribed. At best it gives little relief.  If severe enough endolymphatic shunt surgery is preformed. Although it can be temporarily successful it destroys hearing and is quite invasive. Most Meniere’s sufferers have to look outside of the mainstream health care system to find relief.
Dr. Michael Burcon has demonstrated in over 139 cases that correction of the upper cervical spine leads to recovery. Does whiplash Cause Meniere’s Disease? It is certainly looks that way.  How do upper neck injuries relate to Meniere’s disease?  Upper Cervical Chiropractors have been beating their drums for years mostly to a small section of society that is under their care. But research  is starting to point to the importance of the upper cervical spine’s role in the health process.
In 2006 a study done on Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) showed that muscles at the base of the skull can interfere with brain-stem function.(1) The research showed that increased in muscle tone at the base of the skull were related to symptom severity experienced by those who had TBI.  The Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor (fig.1) muscle has an attachment to the spinal cord.  When this muscle becomes tight it has an irritating effect on the brain-stem. How might this relate to Meniere’s Disease?


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While there are many theories as to the genesis of Meniere’s Disease there is no doubt that it has its roots in abnormal bio-mechanics of the upper cervical spine and its influence on the nervous system. We know that Meniere’s sufferers complain of clogged ears, hearing deficits, cognitive impairments, and severe bouts of dizziness. It may be that the Recitis Capitis Oblique Minor muscle is tight due to a whiplash trauma that injures the neck.  Over time, the tightness of this muscle mechanically irritates the brain-stem and neuro-pathways from the cord malfunction resulting in a plethora of symptoms experienced by Meniere’s Disease sufferers. While this is only conjecture on our part, the fact that so many Meniere’s case improve or completely resolve while under upper cervical care points to this type of theory.

What Does An Upper Cervical Doctor Do That Helps Meniere’s Disease?

The goal of Upper Cervical Care is for the spinal correction to “hold” or stay in alignment for as long as possible.  In our current system of health care, that is better termed disease management and symptom treatment, it is often difficult to get patients to understand the OBJECTIVE of Upper Cervical Care.  While our current health care system is focused on treatment of symptoms(effects) Upper Cervical Care is focused on restoration of FUNCTION. Restoration of function results after correction of the Upper Cervical Spine.  Abnormal neck bio mechanics interfere with normal function in the nervous system and body.  When proper neurological function returns through precise spinal correction,  health can result. That is the OBJECTIVE.


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