Hyperhidrosis Condition Relief in Springfield

//Hyperhidrosis Condition Relief in Springfield

Hyperhidrosis doctor Springfield IL

Hyperhidrosis condition is the medical terminology describing excessive sweating at times when no activity has provoked it. It is the result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Some suffer from mild form while others have severe sweating problems that disrupt most activities of daily living. This condition can make people suffer depression, social anxiety, and make them reclusive. In this article, we will discuss a little-known procedure called Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic, a natural procedure that can help your body back to balance and health. 

Signs and symptoms of Hyperhidrosis may include:

  • Clammy or wet palms of the hands.
  • Clammy or wet soles of the feet.
  • Frequent sweating.
  • Noticeable sweating that soaks through clothing.
  • Excessive sweating in any region of the body.

Current medical treatments:

Therapy for Hyperhidrosis can be challenging for both the patient and the physician. Both topical and systemic medications are traditional treatments of hyperhidrosis. Other treatment options for Hyperhidrosis include iontophoresis and botulinum toxin injections. 

If severe enough, invasive surgery is an option. Axillary (armpit) Hyperhidrosis in severe cases is surgically treated by severing the nerve that controls perspiration. 

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Alternative Hyperhidrosis in Springfield

While conventional drugs and surgeries can help Hyperhidrosis, they do not address the underlying cause of the condition. Since the body is regulated and controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. When this part of the nervous system is in balance, normal sweat responses to activity result. However, when the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive, abnormal sweat response can happen.

If you are wanting to truly fix the underlying cause of your Hyperhidrosis condition, it is essential that the procedure that you undergo be addressing the underlying cause. Our current medical system does not seek causes. It doesn’t ask the question why? Generally speaking, medicine treats symptoms with drug therapy. And if the condition is severe enough they remove the part of the body responsible for controlling whatever is ailing us. While drugs and surgery are at times necessary there should be more emphasis on correcting causes rather than masking symptoms.

How can the sympathetic nervous system become overactive?

When discussing the underlying cause of Hyperhidrosis, we must investigate what can cause the sympathetic nervous system to be hyperactive when there is no activity that is producing it. Your nervous system is composed of sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways. They function in different capacities to keep your body in balance. However, when they become unbalanced, health conditions result. To make this discussion simple, the sympathetics increase the speed of function and parasympathetics decrease the speed of function in the body.

Increased sympathetic activity increases heart rate, blood pressure, mental alertness, pools the blood internally, and causes perspiration. This is the “fight or flight” system in action. The upper cervical spine plays an important role in increased sympathetic activity when it is structurally out of balance. Because this region houses the brain-stem it can have a largely disruptive effect on human physiology if there has been prior neck Injury. Whiplashsports injuries, and other trauma can be precursors to not only Hyperhidrosis but a wide range of difficult chronic health conditions.

Hyperhidrosis and Upper Cervical Care

Over the years Upper Cervical Springfield has taken care of thousands of patients. We have seen numerous cases that suffer from Hyperhidrosis. Usually, the sweating is just one of many symptoms these clients suffer with. Invariably, when the upper cervical spine is corrected not only does the excessive sweating come under control but other symptoms that have plagued the patient improve also. When the upper cervical spine is corrected the entire central nervous system begins to come back to balance. The brain-stem, located in the upper neck controls most function in the body. It should be no surprise that when one removes the irritation from it, that a host of symptoms, syndromes, and conditions improve.

What Is The Goal Of Blair Upper Cervical Care?

Upper Cervical Doctors are trained to find upper neck spinal misalignments that interfere with normal neurological function. Objective tests determine whether you have a spinal misalignment. If so, a precise set of x-rays determine exactly what direction and how far you have misaligned. This data generates a precise spinal correction to the offending vertebrae. Once the irritation is removed from the brain-stem the body goes through a healing process.

“Upper Cervical practitioners hypothesize based on their success in addressing many health conditions that the misalignment of the atlas is blocking communication to various parts of the body and thereby affecting the body’s own ability to correct the problem.”

Over time an upper cervical doctor will monitor your case with objective tests to determine when you need a correction. The goal of upper cervical care is to “hold” the correction for as long as possible. It is while the vertebrae stay “clear” of the spinal cord that healing accrues. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or other chronic health troubles, it would be wise to see if this cutting-edge procedure could benefit you.

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