Headache – Migraine Relief in Springfield

//Headache – Migraine Relief in Springfield

Natural treatment for migraine headaches in Springfield, IL

Upper Cervical Springfield – Relieving
Headaches and Migraines through Precision Care

Headaches and migraines are all too familiar in today’s fast-paced world. Few people have time to stop long enough to care for them. However, when they hit, they demand attention. Headache – Migraine relief can be difficult to find in the current system of health care.  Out of every 100 people in the US, 12 suffer from migraines. While this is only one type of a headache, many others exist and can be difficult to handle. Healthcare providers struggle to make a proper diagnosis and then find a treatment that works for headache and migraine relief. As different as each person is, headaches can be equally different and hard to cure. Surprisingly, 1 out of every 7 people with headaches ends up seeking care at the emergency department.

While some people only have occasional headaches, many struggle on a daily basis. The National Institute of Health stated that headaches are the most common form of pain. They are at the top of the list for missed school and work days. Each year, migraines cause 113 million days of lost work, cost employers $13 billion, and result in $50 billion in annual healthcare services. When migraines strike, where can someone turn for help that actually works?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Headache and Migraine Relief

Headache Doctor Springfield IL

One area that has seen much success in helping patients deal with headaches and migraines is that of upper cervical chiropractic care. Many receive migraine relief when all else has failed. We specialize in treating headaches by ensuring the spine is in proper alignment. Our focus is on the C1 or atlas vertebra, the top bone of the neck.


Research has revealed that there is a definite connection between atlas misalignments and headaches. A misalignment in this area had a profound effect on the brainstem, as it runs through the spinal column to meet up with the brainstem. When pressure is exerted by a misalignment, signals are distorted, blood flow, nerve flow, and cerebral spinal fluid flow are hindered. This results in headaches and migraines. Once we help our patients to get their spines back in line, they report feeling much better. Many times, headaches disappear entirely.

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