Get your Groove back with Upper Cervical

//Get your Groove back with Upper Cervical

Grooving to your favorite song

Think about the most popular songs that you can.  Not just the most popular today, but the ones that have lasted for years.  Artists like the Beatles, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Rolling Stones and countless others come to mind.  All of these groups & individuals had amazing success with songs that will out live all of them.  What caused that to happen?  Why do these songs speak to us as they do?  And what does all this have to do with Upper Cervical?  Well let’s take a look at one song and unlock that secret.

One of my favorites, as I’m sure you’ll agree is Van Morrison’s song, Brown Eyed Girl.  You’re already humming it in your head!  But what are you humming?  Just the melody that Van Morrison sings or are you humming along to that bass line? Probably a bit of both.  Now try to just hum the song along WITHOUT going to that bass line. Did you do it?  You might be have been able to do it for a little bit, but then that bass line that starts and ends the song slides back in.  Can you even think of the guitar part for that song?  Let me tell you a secret, that song only requires three things, a singer, a tambourine, and a bass player.

Grooving Upper Cervical Doctor

I’m a bass player, in case you hadn’t guessed, and there are so many songs that are still requested today that are driven by the bass line.  20, 30, 40, even 50 year old songs that have a strong bass line are still in our popular music today.  These songs had a groove that made you want to dance and express  yourself!  The B52’s Love Shack has a very simple driving bass line, and when that song comes on the radio, you want to dance around.  “I saw her standing there” by the Beatles is another one that had girls screaming.  Most of the early Led Zeppelin has very strong bass lines.  And as we go further back, we find more and more strong bass lines in songs from Elvis, Barry Manalow, Stevie Wonder, all of the Motown recordings right into today’s most cross- generational pop music.  But can you name these bass players, much less one of them?  Do you know which Beatle played bass?*  Does it matter?  It doesn’t.  And as a bass player, that doesn’t make me sad. 

As a bass player, I need to know all these people so I can learn from their recordings and pass that on to the listeners, so you can have that underlying bass line to drive you emotionally, remember a special day or feeling or just get you to shake your tail feathers!  And you now recognize that without these bass lines, many of your favorite songs wouldn’t be your favorites.  Bass is the unsung hero in the band, but we have the most fun.  Because we know you dance (even secretly) because of the bass line.

Bass lines and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

As an Upper Cervical doctor, we do the same thing.  We get to be the bass player in your band of life. We reconnect you to your source, allowing that brain body communication to thrive, and let your inner dance do its job.  What happens when you’re connected?  Sure you may have pain relief.  Does that relief let you get to work easier.  Does is allow you to be a better parent, spouse or friend?  Does it allow your body to work better, allowing you to think better? Are your kids able to learn better and faster? Does that allow you to leave a better legacy for your children, and your children’s children?  Might you be able to serve your community better, which will allow your community to better serve the world? 

In a word, Yes!  Bass players and upper cervical doctors share one very important trait:  you don’t notice us until we’re not there.

My desire for every person I know is to experience optimum life expression.  The only way to truly do that is thru Upper Cervical care.  Sure, you can eat well and take supplements.  That’s your drummer part of life. And sure, exercise is good for you, that may be your singer, lead guitar or saxophone. These things are great, but they do not correct a vertebral subluxation, that head neck misalignment that my good friend Dr Daniel Clark so often talks about.  Your life is your song.  You want it to be great!! Make sure you have your Upper Cervical doctor check your neck, so that your inner bass player can lay down a groove that will drive your life to its true potential!!! Don’t worry, we won’t mind be the unsung heroes in your life, just tell your friends!

* Paul McCartney was the Beatles bass player.

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