What Exactly Is Vertigo and What Can Be Done for It?

//What Exactly Is Vertigo and What Can Be Done for It?

Vertigo Relief, Dizziness Relief, Dizzy, Meniere’s Relief, Vertigo, Dizziness, Meniere’s , Meniere’s Disease It is common to get vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium confused as they are all very similar. They are also one of the most common reasons for people to visit a medical doctor. Let’s take a look at why, although similar, they are not the same thing.

  • Vertigo: This is the feeling that the person or the things around him are spinning.
  • Disequilibrium: This refers to feeling off balance or unsteady and comes with disorientation.
  • Dizziness: This is referring to a person feeling lightheaded, unsteady, or faint.

How the Body Keeps in Balance

The body stays balanced through the intricate system of communication with the brain via nerves and the brainstem. Through a number of unique systems, the body sends messages to the brain about where it is located in its environment. For example, the sensors in the feet tell the brain where they are located on the ground. The central nervous system processes these signals and sends it via the brainstem to the brain. The brain then instantly responds by sending the proper signals to the muscles of the body to help maintain balance in whatever position the body is in.

Therefore, if one of these systems is not working properly, distorted signals are sent, and the end result can be that of vertigo, dizziness, or disequilibrium. Often the reason for this lies in the upper neck. The C1 and C2 vertebrae are inclined to misalign due to their mobility. If this occurs, the misalignment may place undue pressure on the brainstem and cause it no longer to function properly. If the signals going to and leaving the brain about balance are incorrect, the whole body will be affected. What can be done?

Vertigo Helped by Spinal Alignment

As an upper cervical chiropractor, I specialize in helping my patients by realigning the upper neck vertebrae. This is done by means of a gentle method that does not involve popping or forcing the spine into place. Rather this method is precisely aimed at the specific misalignment and helps the bones move back into place naturally. Once corrected, many patients report a decrease in symptoms, with some seeing their vertigo go away completely.

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