Don’t Let Headaches Spoil Your Summer

//Don’t Let Headaches Spoil Your Summer

Treatment for migraine headaches in Springfield ILWhen it starts to get hot outside, headaches can become more common. Are the headaches really being caused by the warmer weather? Not entirely, but here are a few ways that summer indirectly contributes to headaches and how you can fight back.

  • Dehydration – This is number one cause of summer headaches. When you spend a day in the hot sun, you need to replenish your fluids. Dehydration can bring on a headache fast. Caffeine can contribute to dehydration, so watch out for carbonated drinks with a high caffeine content.
  • Bright Sunlight – The sun gets a little more intense during the summer months so be sure to wear your sunglasses or a hat or visor with a brim. Protecting your eyes from the bright sun can stave off a headache.
  • Sunscreen Fragrances – For some, headaches are quickly triggered by strong fragrances. If this is the case for you, you may need to find a sunscreen that is fragrance-free or that contains all natural ingredients. The same is true when it comes to bug repellant and other summer products that carry strong scents.


While drinking more water, wearing sunglasses, and choosing the right sunscreen may protect you from some summer headaches, there may be an underlying cause for your headaches in general. It may surprise you to learn that the secret may be in your top two neck vertebrae, the C1 and C2.

At the Upper Cervical Springfield, Illinois, we specialize in using the Blair technique to diagnose and realign C1 and C2 subluxations that may cause headaches. Subluxations cause headaches by disrupting the proper flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The result is impairment of the central nervous system. Headaches may only be one symptom.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to your headaches, come on in and see if upper cervical chiropractic is the safe and gentle treatment you’ve been searching for.

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