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Natural vertigo treatment

Vertigo is a condition that involves dysfunction of the crystals in the inner ear which is responsible for sending signals to the brain for balance and coordination. The most common symptoms associated with vertigo are dizziness and fullness of the ears. The symptoms may be as mild as dizziness or as extreme as nausea, often coupled with vomiting and ringing of the ears. ​

Vertigo is a challenging condition for not only patients but also healthcare providers. The exact cause is not known, but research has shown that in most cases vertigo comes on after some sort of trauma to the head and/or neck. When there is an injury to the head, it is possible for the crystals in the ear to not be functioning properly, causing the vertigo symptoms.


Most often we see these injuries as a result of high impact sports. One of the reasons this takes place is because of high speed that can distort the muscles and ligaments in the neck causing a misalignment of the spine. The biomechanics of the neck are extremely important for the brain to properly interpret the information needed to maintain balance.

As a vertigo specialist, it is all too common that people see me when all other options have failed. I am an upper cervical chiropractor who focuses on the alignment of the spine as it relates to vertigo. When the spine becomes misaligned as a result of accidents and injuries, it compromises the spine itself and the brain and nerve function in regards to balance. It is crucial to properly analyze the neck for misalignments in vertigo cases. Clinical studies performed on vertigo patients using upper cervical chiropractic have shown treatment to be effective in as little as one or two adjustments.

If you are struggling with vertigo, let us show you how we can help.

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