Cerebral Palsy helped by Upper Cervical Care!!

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Joni had been suffering from Cerebral Palsy since a child. She’s had numerous troubles on her right side with spasms, with tight muscle tone, and now she’s doing a lot better. She had to wear braces on her feet, but still had trouble walking. So much of her Cerebral Palsy problems improved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Her hips feel better, her sciatica in her left hip is gone, and her overall well being is so much better!!

This is nothing new.  Check out what CerebralPalsySource.com says about Chiropractic care for CP:

When used as part of a treatment for cerebral palsy, chiropractic may be helpful in helping some of the more problematic symptoms including muscle spasms, seizures, and leg and arm problems.  As studies on the effectiveness of chiropractic techniques come to light, there are more encouraging signs for the development of an effective course of action for cerebral palsy sufferers.

CerebralPalsy.org talks about the evidence for helping CP with Chiropractic care:

There is evidence that the chiropractic care can be helpful to children with cerebral palsy. A handful of studies indicates that children that underwent spinal manipulation could sit and stand with more ease. Also, the studies indicated that some children became more active, digested food more efficiently, slept more peacefully, and enjoyed improved coordination after undergoing chiropractic care.

Joni has had great results, and continues to have better mobility daily.  In fact, she’s been known to walk a mile to our office on a nice day! And many of the benefits that she gets from Upper Cervical Chiropractic (like sciatica relief) are the same benefits that most anyone gets from Upper Cervical Care!

If you or someone you know is suffering with cerebral palsy, or you simply just want to move better, call us at 217-698-7900 to make an appointment.

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