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What Causes Vertigo?

Vertigo And Upper Cervical Chiropractic Springfield A person who is having the sensation of dizziness may not be sure if it actually causes vertigo or simply disequilibrium. Vertigo is the feeling that the person himself is spinning or that the things around him are spinning when neither is actually moving. Disequilibrium is the feeling of being [...]

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Vertigo May Be Sign of Larger Problem Spinning Out of Control

Do you ever move your head quickly and have sudden feelings of nausea and dizziness? If you do you may have the condition known as vertigo. Vertigo affects what is known as the inner ear which is responsible for sending signals to the brain for balance and coordination. The symptoms may be as mild [...]

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Crystal Clear Natural Vertigo Treatment in Springfield, IL

Vertigo is a condition that involves dysfunction of the crystals in the inner ear which is responsible for sending signals to the brain for balance and coordination. The most common symptoms associated with vertigo are dizziness and fullness of the ears. The symptoms may be as mild as dizziness or as extreme as nausea, [...]

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Vertigo: How to Move Properly to Stop the Motion

Vertigo is a condition that affects the way that the body is able to control itself in space. It comes in bouts of dizziness and the sensation of spinning in a chair that lasts for hours or even days. Vertigo doesn’t wait for the right moment to strike and makes leading a normal life challenging. [...]

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Why Vertigo Doesn’t Vibe With You

That feeling of dizziness you just can’t ignore, once it starts who knows when it will go away. If you know what I am talking about you may suffer from the disorder known as Vertigo. You are not alone as 5-10% of the population suffers from the condition that affects the middle ear.1 The [...]

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Home for the Holi-daze: Holiday Stress May Cause Vertigo

You may only know of Vertigo as an Alfred Hitchcock classic film, but it has a very different meaning to the people who suffer from the medical condition. Vertigo is the medical term and diagnosis for dizziness. It primarily affects the ear, which tells the brain how to properly balance the entire body. Vertigo [...]

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