Headache – Migraine Relief in Springfield

Upper Cervical Springfield - Relieving Headaches and Migraines through Precision Care Headaches and migraines are all too familiar in today’s fast-paced world. Few people have time to stop long enough to care for them. However, when they hit, they demand attention. Headache - Migraine relief can be difficult to find in the current system of [...]

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Migraines Connected to Mood Disorders—Where to Find Help

Migraine headaches can be overwhelming to the person suffering from them. This ailment afflicts 12 out of every 100 residents in the United States. Migraines are frustrating not only to the one suffering but also to medical doctors who struggle to find the right solution for their patients. The wide range of symptoms and [...]

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Finding Natural Migraine Relief in Springfield, Illinois

Migraines and headaches are global menaces. Approximately 12% of people suffer from migraines and the total rises to 46% when you include headaches. Because the primary symptom of a migraine is a headache, many confuse these conditions and just view migraines as really bad headaches. However, migraines are actually a complex neurological condition. While [...]

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Migraines and Seizures—How Are They Related to the Neck?

Migraines and seizures occur when the brain is not functioning properly. A subluxation in the upper neck can cause the right circumstances in the brain for either condition to occur. The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research reported on this subject by means of a case study. The study involved a 75-year-old female, who [...]

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Treatment Options for Migraine Sufferers in Springfield IL

The World Health Organization considers migraines to be one of the top twenty disabling illnesses worldwide. One out of every four households in the USA has a member who experiences migraines. Migraines are a neurological condition that is more common than diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy combined. New research is being done all the time [...]

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Source of Migraine Symptoms in Springfield Illinois

Often you can feel a headache coming on. The pain may make it difficult to concentrate and finish your daily tasks. Bright lights and sounds may make it worse. Do you know what type of headaches you have? Migraine vs. Tension headache (1,2,3) Migraine Throbbing, severe pain Sensitivity to light and sound Pain felt [...]

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Understanding Migraine Headaches in Springfield IL

Migraines are generally misunderstood. Doctors do not really know what causes them. Those that do not have them cannot really understand all that goes along with a migraine. They may imagine a person with a migraine simply has a really bad headache, but so much more goes along with that. Nausea is just one [...]

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The Natural Solution to the Common Migraine in Springfield, Chatham & Rochester, IL

You wake up ready to face the day ahead of you. Maybe you have to work or perhaps have a fun outing planned. Then it strikes – a migraine. There goes any hope of being productive. Before long, you are back in bed with the lights out, hoping there isn’t a knock on the [...]

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Natural Relief of Migraine Headaches in Springfield Illinois

​Migraines are quite common among the world's population. In the USA, it is estimated that twenty-eight million people experience the pain of migraines at one point or another. Even those in the medical field suffer from migraines. Interestingly, a study done recently establishes an estimate as to when people will begin seeing health problems [...]

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