The Vagus Nerve: A Pathway to Health

Why is the Vagus Nerve important? If you’ve ever stepped on the middle of a running hose, you can understand how bodily dysfunction works. If you kink or press down on the hose between the spigot and the spout, the water flow coming from out of the hose’s spout is either severely throttled, outright stopped, [...]

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Questions about Chiropractic Care?

Confused about Chiropractic care and what it can do for you?  Check out this article that was printed earlier this year in Healthy Cells magazine! A great deal of confusion exists about chiropractic care — is it safe? Does it really work? Is it going to hurt? How does it help? Dr. Schurger answers some [...]

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Addressing Asthma Naturally In Springfield, IL

Natural Asthma Relief with Blair Upper Cervical Care Natural Asthma Relief There are 18.7 million American adults and 6.8 million children who suffer from asthma in the United States. That is almost 9 percent of the US population.  Asthma can be mild or it can be life-threatening and conventional asthma treatment in the [...]

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Chronic Sinusitis & Upper Cervical – Dr Schurger’s Story

Chronic Sinusitis The Mayo Clinic defines chronic sinusitis or chronic rhino-sinusitis as a common condition of inflammation of the nasal sinuses lasting longer than 12 weeks that can affect children, young & middle aged adults.  It interferes with drainage & causes mucus buildup.  Breathing becomes difficult, and the face and eyes may feel swollen, [...]

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Allergy Treatment Springfield – Upper Cervical Care

Allergy Relief  Springfield - Upper Cervical Chiropractic For some, allergies are seasonal; for others, it is an unrelenting runny nose, itchy eyes, constant sneezing and a feeling that your sinuses are blocked. According to Web-MD, 55% of the US population tests positive to one or more allergen. An allergy is the overreaction of your immune system [...]

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Cerebral Palsy helped by Upper Cervical Care!!

Joni had been suffering from Cerebral Palsy since a child. She's had numerous troubles on her right side with spasms, with tight muscle tone, and now she's doing a lot better. She had to wear braces on her feet, but still had trouble walking. So much of her Cerebral Palsy problems [...]

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Upper Cervical Diplomates

Dr Schurger, along with about 20 other Upper Cervical doctors are nearing the end of their Upper Cervical Diplomate program. We have spent the last 2 years working on better understanding the very unique & complicated Upper Cervical/Cranial-cervical junction, and are excited to be wrapping it up soon! Here are some of the topics [...]

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Asthma & Chiropractic – Dr Blair’s story

Asthma is one of the major causes of school absenteeism in the US, and yet most people don't realize how truly devastating this condition can be. In case of Dr William Blair, he was told he would not live past 25 because his asthma was so bad!! So how did Dr Blair end up doubling [...]

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