Cast Iron

Cast iron skillet

Casting Your Cares Over a Gas-Lit Fire

I must admit, when I received my first cast iron skillet for Christmas, I was very intimidated. This heavy piece of metal is incredibly high maintenance.  Ehh… not so much.

Once you learn how to take care of your cast iron, it is quite a simple process. Hint: You never run it through the dishwasher (leftover water will cause rust). You may clean with dish soap, just don’t let it air dry; put it on your stovetop at low heat until all the water evaporates. Another option is to simply scour with salt, hot water, and a non-abrasive sponge.

Season your cast iron with oil. Rub a light layer in with a paper towel to coat the whole cast iron, then heat until it smokes. (1)

Using a Cast Iron Skillet is Healthy for Your Family!

Using a cast iron adds iron to the meal. As you probably know, iron has many benefits including muscle and brain function, boost immunity, and energy (2). If you or a family member suffers from anemia, then investing in a cast iron would be a great suggestion! Another benefit of iron is it carries oxygen from one cell to the next.

Our cast iron rarely leaves the stovetop. I have actually incorporated it into our kitchen decor!

In order for the cast iron to distribute heat evenly, preheat for 10 minutes and rotate. (3) Once it’s heated, it stays heated but be patient! A simple trick to the handle is to wrap a flat hot pad around the handle and tie with a rubber band. This was my lifesaver before I purchased a silicon handle!

There was no “trick” to cooking with the cast iron…just easy, delicious meals.

I now have a large cast iron and a small cast iron…. but the best meals are made with all ingredients in the large one! I love making Chicken fried cauliflower rice! Simply move all ingredients to one side of the cast iron before you fry the egg. It’s not messy, plus you’ll look like a Hibachi chef. Shephard’s pie, meatballs, steaks, chicken, shrimp… you name it, it’s even more delicious in the cast iron skillet!


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