Blair Board Retreat

I wanted to share with you a very special event that occurred this weekend.  The Blair Board scheduled a retreat in order to plan the bigger vision of what Blair Chiropractic means in the world.  We really haven’t done something like this before, and as we have grown, we start to see our limitations of our growth, namely, which way to go.  As with all things, a bigger vision comes from the inside, and that’s where we started. The retreat was attended by Drs Scott Glocke, Meg Banitch, Tom Forest, Drew Hall, John Hilpisch, Alfred Tomp, Darren White, Michael Lenarz & myself, Frederick Schurger.

Dr Michael Lenarz lead our program, facilitating team building exercises as well as challenging us with very specific tasks for the weekend.  One of the exercises was what we thought the purpose of the Blair Society was.  It was very interesting how so many of us had a very similar if not identical response.  Those statements are not nearly as important themselves as the fact that coming into this retreat, we all were thinking in the same direction from the first moment.  That helped us when we got to the real meat of our work for the weekend, estabilishing the internal core values, vision & mission statement (we ran out of time, and will be doing the external steps another time).

So where do you start with something like that?  Well, one step at a time, as Dr Lenarz had a method to help us come up with our core values.  That sounds easy, but it really is quite daunting.  We probably started out with over 100 really great values that everyone wants to have in their organization.

We were tasked to get it down to 4.


Yep, start from over 100.  Get it down to 4.  And we did.

The 4 Core Values of the Blair Upper Cervical Society

  • Innovation
  • Continuity
  • Flourish
  • Acuity

These may not sound like a the core values of a Chiropractic group, but after the couple of hours we spent getting to these 4, I assure, they really are.  I should also clarify, these are our internal values, how we interact with our members, our students, our colleagues and to some extent our patients.  Because our next step was to come up with our Internal Vision, which I think is amazing!!

The Vision of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society

  • Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic flourishing in every community throughout the world.

It’s a pretty bold statement.  One that I would like to see fulfilled in my lifetime.  I’ll share a quick story before we get to the mission statement.  Dr Lenarz asked us all why each of us made it to the weekend.  We’re not paid for this, it was nice to get to Miami Beach for a couple of days, but we had to buy our own tickets.  And my reply was brutally honest when Dr Lenarz asked.  I was there for selfish reasons.  I was there because I was tired of having to drive over an hour one way to find a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor. I have often driven over 3 hours one way to get adjusted.  And my current health issues over the past couple of weeks with some sort of virus knocked me to require that I get adjusted 5 times!!  I know if I was getting checked more often, that would not be an issue.  And now that we have some doctors opening in Peoria, I’m hoping that some of my Peoria patients will do better, but I will make that trip a little more often so I can do better.

The Mission of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society

  • Through Development & Training, we advance Principles & Standards, while collaborating with Educational, Scientific, Health Care & Public Communities

Its hard to describe the emotion of certainty.  I like to think of it as a peace in your chest that just knows all is right in the world.  That’s what I experienced when that statement was made. I can’t tell you how much we went round & around most of those words until Dr Tomp changed it up just a little bit and we all knew it was right.  It really was amazing, and if you’ve ever known that level of certainty, then you know what I’m talking about.

From these three things, we will be leading the Blair Society to new levels of growth, progress & opportunities.  Some of you reading this will be helping us along that journey too, thru spreading the word about Blair, Upper Cervical, or even thru your financial donations (we are a non-for-profit, and have some grand goals for the future).  I share this because I believe in transparency in what we do, especially when its something that our patients may never see.  And its important work, because we will now be making decisions based on these statements and how we fulfill our mission to achieve our vision.

UCHC – Springfield’s Internal Values, Vision & Mission

After this weekend, I knew we had to revisit this for ourselves.  So in the next several weeks we’re going to be working on our own internal factors, and then our external factors.  And yes, we’re getting down to 4 core values (we already wihttled down from 175 to 49 in our first two passes!!)  Keep watching for updates, as I’m certain you’ll be excited to see the changes coming!!

Dr Schurger

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