Asthma & Chiropractic – Dr Blair’s story

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Dr. William BlairAsthma is one of the major causes of school absenteeism in the US, and yet most people don’t realize how truly devastating this condition can be. In case of Dr William Blair, he was told he would not live past 25 because his asthma was so bad!! So how did Dr Blair end up doubling his life?!?!

William George Blair was born in Pemeta, Oklahoma on July 30, 1922. He attended elementary, Junior and Senior High School, graduating in 1940 in the top 10% of his class in spite of considerable absences for health reasons. He had been diagnosed with bronchial asthma at the age of 9 months. His parents tried every method of healing sources including chiropractic with no results. In fact, he moved to Texas, as he was told he should live somewhere with more favorable conditions. In his case, it was El Paso, TX where he not only met his wife, but she took him to her doctor, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

Dr Blair had such great results that he decided that becoming a chiropractor was a good idea. The only problem was that he knew he had to practice this Upper Cervical work taught by Dr Palmer, and only available in Davenport, IA. If you’ve ever lived in the midwest, you know the humidity is high. The Quad Cities (or really most anywhere along the Mississippi River) is especially high in humidity!! As Dr Blair & his wife were traveling to Davenport, they stopped at another Chiropractic school to visit a friend, and the friend said that they adjust the atlas there too. They stayed at that school for about a semester until Dr Blair’s atlas went out, and no one could get him to clear out! I’m glad to say that the Chiropractors there had the good sense to tell him it was time for him to make the rest of the trip to Davenport where he completed his Chiropractic degree.

Dr Blair did a great number of other things, including develop the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique, which changed my life, which is a story for another time. But without Upper Cervical to begin with, he’d be just another individual that the medical system was unable to help, likely resulting in an early death.

The power of a precise, Upper Cervical Correction CANNOT be overstated enough, nor the possibilities be fully understood. I stand with the conviction that correcting a subluxation can do amazing things for people. You never know what kind of impact it can have on millions of people, both today & in the future!!

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