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Dr. Frederick Schurger, Springfield IL ChiropractorThank you for choosing Upper Cervical Health Centers in Springfield, IL as your source for safe, natural and effective health care. We are proud to bring you state-of-the-art techniques and procedures backed by the latest research and development. Whether you are seeking care for a specific condition or you are taking advantage of the wonderful preventative benefits of upper cervical care, we are certain you won’t be disappointed! Get your life back today!

As experts on the upper cervical spine, our doctors focus on the intimate relationship between the top two bones in the neck, called the upper cervical spine, and, more importantly, a vital portion of the nervous system called the brain stem. This relationship is absolutely essential to the body’s ability to restore and preserve health. In order to grasp the upper cervical concept, you must first understand how the body is created and, more importantly, how it is designed to function normally and remain healthy.

Upper cervical care is personalized and you will see, on your first visit, that our process is tailored specifically to fit your individual needs. Holding is healing. That’s what upper cervical is about. The longer the two bones stay in alignment, the fewer office visits are needed. Once we meet with you and discuss your health history, your doctor will then discuss your visit expectations and how we can best match those with our services.

Aligned and misaligned

If the first two bones in your neck are misaligned, communication between the brain and body is interrupted and can cause numerous health problems.

Effects of misalignment

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Our process is tailored specifically to fit your individual needs.